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Why second hand clothes make sens?

First of all, there is no need to feel guilty if you are not on this path yet. We all need to dress up in the morning and like to feel pretty. It's always nice to have a new dress or a new pair of jeans... However, if you think about it. What does make those new clothes so special? The fact that they come straight out from a shop or the pleasure you have to exhibit yourself in a new outfit? Because if you reply with the second answer, Second hand or Preloved clothes are made for you.

They won't be new in the way we commonly think about it. I mean, straight of the manufacturer. However, they will be new in you wardrobe and you will be able to show off in clothes that you've never been seen wearing before.

Second hand clothing is ethical. Clothes have already been made so there is no use of new resources and it does not perpetuate cycle of fast fashion. Consuming second hand goods is helping the environment, a little step for you, our planet and your little ones. Every time you buy a pre-loved item, you contribute to Circular Economy = Reduce (amount of energy and resources needed in production) > Reuse (or repair when it can be) > (when it can not be repair or reuse anymore) Recycle.

And finally, the extra reason to shop second hand is that the clothes are cleaner than brand new one. Pre-loved clothes have been worn and washed so most of the chemical products used during the confection are gone. And the clothes are often softer and more comfortable to wear.

Are you ready for a change?

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