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Tips to make your Halloween more sustainable!

MIND YOUR PUMPKINS. When you crave your pumpkin, do not add any chemicals. Which means, do no paint them or add glitters. If you do so, they can not be composted or given back to the wild. Once the holidays season is over, dispose your pumpkins in the compost bin or dispose them in the wild to feed animals when the weather become colder.

PURCHASE LOCALLY GROWN PUMPKINS. You can even create a new family tradition and visit a pumpkins patch to pick your own! Here a list of Pumpkin Patches to visit in Ireland:

LIMIT PLASTIC. Avoid plastic decorations as much as possible. And if you use some, keep them to reuse them next year.

GO REUSABLE FOR TRICK OR TREAT. For trick or treatsMake sure your kid use reusable buckets. You can customise pillow cases or "beach" buckets or use some plastic reusable Halloween's buckets.

CHOOSE ORGANIC LOLLIPOPS FOR TREATS. For obvious reasons, we all prefer the treat to be individually wrapped. Organic Lollipops are a perfect alternative because they have a lower footprint. If you do not find them in shops, you can find them online:

THINK OF PRELOVED COSTUMES. You can organise swaps with family in your community or purchase second hand costumes in second hand shops like or charity shops.

VINTAGE - DIY COSTUMES. You find thousands of ideas online of DIY costumes (egg: ). You can make something fun from material you have at home...

LED'S THE PARTY STARTED. If you are using light bulb or string in your Halloween decoration, make sure you swap to LED lights. They are more environmentally friendly than all other types of light. LED lights consume 80%-90% less energy than regular lights and have a much longer life span.

SHARE YOUR IDEAS & TIPS WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS to encourage them to follow you in your sustainable journey!

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