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Sustainable Advent Calendar

During winter holidays, we want to treat ourselves and people we love. This is definitely fair and maybe even more this year. We all have been through a lot with this never ending pandemic. Some have not been able to go home visit their love ones, some lost people they cared about along the way, we had to reduce our social interactions... Spoiled & Treat ourselves is the bare minimum we can do during the festive season. However, while we are doing it we can still be conscient of the impact this season has on our planet and try to do it in a greener way. So our Children, Grand Children, Great Grand Children, our Children's Children may have more festive season to come over the years.

So, we decided to create an Advent Calendar with tips for a more sustainable Christmas. Here are our 24 tips or ideas to keep the winter holiday season green:

Feel free to share the post or images from it to spread the word and help others to get greener this season. And remember: All together, with little steps, we can make a big difference for the future. Thank you, Mathilde.