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Is second hand safe for my baby?

All mummies want the best for their babies and littles one are fragile and have a fragile skin. That's why it is important to raise this question.

  • Second hand clothes have been worn and washed already. This is a good point, because it means that all the chemical we'll find on new clothes have been removed.

  • If you buy online, always check the return policy if you buy online to know how you will be able to return them if they do not satisfy you when you receive them.

  • Always check the clothes when you buy or receive them for any trace of mold or bugs stains, eggs... If there is any and you chose to keep them, you can sanitize them with different techniques (white vinegar, hot water, baking soda...).

  • Whatever new or second hand clothes, always wash them at least once before baby wears them.

  • Your baby's skin can be sensitive to some fabric as wool, acrylic, polyester... Always check the tag when you receive the clothes you purchased. If you see any sign of skin reaction, consult a doctor. If you know your baby has some allergic issues, do not buy an outfit without the original tag. Do not take risk.

At, we provide you all the information we have about the clothes. If the original tag is missing, we let you know in the product description. We also give you the detail of the fabric used so you won't have a surprise.

When we receive little clothes, we hand check them one by one and then wash them with a liquid non biological soap at 30 degrees before ironing them.

If you want more information about washing your little one clothes, this article from "Everymum" blog is really interesting:

If you have any question about our clothes, feel free to contact us via the form:

Looking forward seeing you on our boutique! Remember "Buying pre-loved childrens' clothes online is a snap"

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