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Hypnobirthing, a good way to prepare to deliver your baby!

After miscarriages, when my pregnancy finally went through I had a billion questions about delivering my baby. Will I be ready? Will my body be ready? Will I recognise the signs?... I did not really know to whom to turn and the hospital class were not easy for me to go as I was still working full time.

My sister in law told us about a lady she knew who was doing "Hypnobirthing course" for baby deliveries. Hypno... What? We first tough..."Hypnobirthing is the term used to describe ‘self-hypnosis’ or ‘deep relaxation’ in labour to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, pain and stress in labour." (Nadia Labour of Love). We are open minded and were ready to try different techniques and learn more about delivery. So we went for it.

We were lucky to be able to have a 2 days course wit Nadia from "Labour of Love" ( We learned a lot, about how the woman's body is designed for pregnancy and delivery. How you can connect with your little one even when he/she still is in your womb. How to spot the sign of the delivery start...

The course started with a quick anatomy review for a better understanding of how your body works and the physically process of the delivery. Then we did a bite of meditation and relaxation. We learned few massages to help relieve the pressure in the back during the delivery... Nadia also provided us with sound track to listen during few weeks prior to the delivery with powerful positives quote to welcome your baby and work with him when the big day will come.

After the course I really felt empowered. I was still really really scared but at least, I had the impression that I had put everything on my side to have a delivery as smooth as possible. I was swinging on my legs about 2 weeks before the due date to make sure baby was in the good position. We also prepared a delivery plan with my partner as we wanted to avoid medical assistance as much as possible (Don't get me wrong, if it has been needed, we would have accept medical assistance. But we wanted to be in charge as much as possible).

During the delivery, I really had a feeling of bounding with my unborn baby. I had surges for 48 hours before she was born, but I managed to stay home for most of it. Once in the maternity hospital, I have been on my feet all the time. My partner would encourage me to lie down to get some rest but between the surges and the excitement of becoming a mummy, I could not stop walking. And if I compare to the ladies we were waiting with, they seemed more in pain than I, but they were lying. When we have been moved to the delivery suit, I finally get some gaz to help with the surges, but still on my feet. I gave birth on my knees on the bed with my head resting on the top of the bed and I still have the feeling today that we worked as a team with my daughter. She as much as I knew what was coming and she knew what to do. The hospital respected our birth plan, we had the chance to have the full natural birth we wanted and a long skin to skin time after her birth.

I think I would not have been that well prepared if it was not for the Hypnobirthing course we had.

Finally, however your delivery goes or not as plan is not what matter. Each delivery is unique and the most important is to be able to accept yours, because, it is yours! Get prepared and have your birth plan but also accept that it might have to go another way for your and your baby safety.

Feel free to reach out to Nadia if you have any question or would like to book for her next course:

This article is in no way sponsored by "Labour of Love", I just talk of my own experience that I wanted to share.

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